Ask Wanda Consulting is proud

to offer solutions to meet any food handler and restaurant manager needs. The Servsafe Food Handler Program and Food Protection Mgr. Certification exam is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety practices

We provide top notch services

at a very competitive price. Our hard work and dedication to our clients have been very rewarding and the customer service that we provide to each and every client can’t be duplicated.

The three years that we have been in operations, we have been presented and granted unique opportunities to train culinary and restaurant staff in various industries including fortune five hundred corporations; and this has allowed us to build a wealth of industry resources and invaluable business to business relationships through the chamber of commerce, exhibitor expos, community festivals and farmers markets, artists and wrap parties, etc.
“This class has really opened my eyes to how pertinent it is as a private caterer it is to enroll in Servsafe training, the information I gained from the course is invaluable and am confident that it will help me soar in my career.”
Deidra Suggs

“The course instructor was very well versed and extremely knowledgeable and the classroom atmosphere was very comfortable. I will definitely recommend the class to many others.”
Kettlyn Duchatellier