Why do you recommend taking the ServSafe course?

CDC estimates that each year, 48 million people set sick from a food-borne illness. The restaurant sector has turned to employee training and education as a critical conduit to deliver safer, quality meals to consumers.

 Put Your Best Foot Forward

ServSafe’s trusted training and certification programs are the preferred solution.  When food safety procedures are diligently followed and rooted in the workplace, reduced error rates, increased customer satisfaction, heightened employee engagement, and other measures of  success are achieved.  


Will this credential be beneficial to my job in my current role in the restaurant industry?

ServSafe Alcohol training and certification helps bartenders, servers, and managers understand concepts such as how much alcohol can be safely consumed, how to recognize when a customer should not continue to drink alcohol, and how to handle difficult situations involving someone who has had too much to drink.

ServSafe for Food Handlers and Food Protection Manager certification signals that an employee has learned best practices in the areas of food handling and food protection management, and food allergens, as well as for assuring guests that food and beverage products are being handled and served according to recommended practices.

How many years is the certificate/certification valid for?

  • ServSafe Alcohol: Valid for three (3) years
  • ServSafe for Food Handlers: Valid for three (3) years
  • ServSafe Food Protection Manager: Valid for five (5)  years